Ernestina Poukia- Bonsu Maro - Founder of EBM Artistry & Dutty Merch

Maakye & Ke Ola my name is Ernestina Poukia- Bonsu Maro

Welcome to our online store EMB Artistry. God blessed us with LIFE to explore, to inspire and to empower!

We wanted our Store to be a reflection of everything that we have dreamt of, where people all over the world can catch a glimpse of what our Brand is all about and with a purpose of spreading Love & Light. 

I am a multi-faceted indigenous Creative whose roots stem from the grounds of Ghana Kumasi and the Pukapuka Cook Islands.

EBM Artistry is a  multicultural platform that specializes in Cultural dancing, Social Media & PR, Modelling, Sport and it  is open to all communities & nationalities. With a Bachelor of Media Arts in hand, I started EBM Artistry in 2017 with a passion to help others and my family.

EBM Artistry has a repertoire of talents including. 

- Dutty Merch  

- Hula Fit  

- Radio & Media PR  

- MC & Hosting 

- Youth Mentor & Advocate  

- Modelling  

- Pageantry 

I also host my own radio show on the 531pi Pacific Media Network platform in Auckland, New Zealand, run #HULAFIT dance classes and champion the community.

I offer Modelling & Pageantry classes and mentoring which is a continuation of my modelling career that began in 2016 for Pacific shows, NZ Fashion Week, International Pageants & more. This quickly led to a debut for Pacific Fusion, followed by Miss Cook Islands, Miss Pacific Islands, Miss Asia Pacific International & Queen of International Tourism, and as a Youth Ambassador for Universal Peace Federation.

Ernestina Poudia-Bonsu Maro - modelling career

           Ernestina Poukia-Bonsu Maro modelling

Our additional brand names Dutty Nation and Dutty Merch

Dutty Nation is about acknowledging my indigenous homeland of Africa.  Much of my creativity and boldness comes from the heart of Africa, where the brand and name means so much to my people, culture and generations of today. 

Dutty Merch is the merchandise that we sell that represents our Dutty Nation. 

Why Dutty Merch?  Whenever I was hosting an event or Gig or was out with my friends, I was given the nick-name “DUTTY QUEEN” because I was in love with Afro beat music & culture.  I live and breathe it daily listening to Afro/Caribbean artists such as Burna Boy, Wiz Kid, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alede, and Afro B who have have changed the music scene and inspired me to bring what I love to life.

I am inspired by my love for my two cultures being Indigenous African/Cook Islander and merging the two together to share the uniqueness of our style to the World.

Dutty Merch is all about being fearless and being your true authentic self.  The word “DUTTY” originates from the Caribbean. I have always been in love with the music and culture, the vibe and atmosphere. Dutty Merch is all about a variety of colors, sizes and diversity. The two designs on the T-Shirts & Hoodies reflect the African Map and a fearless empowering woman embracing her natural Afro & body.

Our designer Dutty Merchandise is all about being yourself. Everyone has a unique vibe and sense of confidence and we want Dutty Merch to epitomize our favourite slogan:  “Be You, Be Beautiful” 

Dutty Merch Designer T-shirts           Dutty Merch Designer T-shirts